Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Zombie Flash Fun

There's just something endearing about zombies - few other film beasties have that lure, that animal magnetism that works itself into our hearts (and our brains). As those who saw the Zombie Infection Simulator(s) can attest, there's something compelling about warding off a vicious, single-minded horde of the undead.

In that spirit, here's a bevy of flash games featuring the inevitable zombie war, treating it in entirely different ways. The best of these games were shown to me by my friend Jeff, potentially a bigger zombie buff than I:

Among the best of the lot is Boxhead More Rooms, a game with an endearing "Lego"-like design scheme and loads of destructive weapons (and defensive traps) with which to combat the undead menace. (Tip: Your earned upgrades are determined by your combo level. Hit "p" to pause the game and see which levels must be reached for specific upgrades). Once you've got it, try playing on "nightmare" difficulty for more fun.

A little less cute (and far more violent) is defense game The Last Stand. Not much different than your average "Defend the Castle" simulator, but somewhat gripping nonetheless. Repair your castle and search for weapons and other survivors during the day, then defend yourself at night. When does this guy sleep?

Autumn War plays like an old-school warfare simulator, provided you ditch the Kraut tanks and infantry in lieu of hordes and hordes of writhing, sweaty zombies (ew!). Position your troops and hold the line!

Classic Deanimator is a more tense, strategic affair, steeped in H.P. Lovecraft's strange (and still terrifying) universe. I won't spoil possibly the best zombie flash game of all time for you by outlining strategy, save to tell you that you must actually click on zombies to shoot them - merely clicking in their direction won't cut it.

All Hallow's Eve is simple but fun. Defend your home.

Dead of Night is another cute(ish), fairly difficult isometric defense game. Those who don't have the skills for this one should take another run at Boxhead.

There are plenty, plenty more where these games came from, but I've gotta get to bed or I'll be moaning and groaning with the best of them come alarm time tomorrow. Have fun!

Or don't - whatever.

(KILLER MOVIE IDEA: Zombies on New Year! George Romero, I'm looking at you.)

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