Sunday, January 13, 2008

Classic Sesame Street Overload

Aimless YouTube browsing often leads to a bevy of rewards. I've been on full nostalgia overload all afternoon, thanks mainly to finding a veritable smorgasbord of classic Sesame Street clips. It seems that there's no better canary than Sesame Street for chronicling the decline of American culture and imagination. The show has truly declined, and the modern age of Sesame Street and everything else offers nothing but shameless, bland pandering and slow, meandering tripe.

So - the program is shot, and only the Classic Sesame Street DVD Collection stands as a witness. Out of respect to the former greatness of the show I post the following gems:

Ernie Fixes the Television

Don't we miss the days when Sesame Street was allowed to be surreal and bewildering? Bert really, really sounds like Fozzie Bear in this sketch. I guess Oz could only do so many voices.

Rebel L

Great jumpin' Jehoshaphat - this Billy Idol parody rocks. I only vaguely recall this one. It ends in a full arrest for domestic disturbance of all things.

Hey Food!

Cookie Monster and The "Beetles" sing this tribute to all things bingeworthy. I never did know who "Jude" was in the first place.

Cookie Monster and the Computer

Cookie Monster makes a libidinal request of an anti-libidinal technology operated by Maria, who is trying to reconcile her desire with technical rationality. The Monster, representing the part of the child eradicated in an administered world, is disciplined by having to "press the right key", and given, in place of a reward, the image or Baudrillardian simulacrum of gratification.And, Maria was soooooo hot."

Super Grover and the Apple Fight

This clip is wonderfully unfocused and pretty hilarious to boot. "Off to save the world and other good stuff!"

Cookie Monster - If Moon Were Cookie

Great song from a great sketch. Strangely sentimental.

I promise that there will be more of these soon. These are just some of my favorties. Heck, go ahead and find more yourself.

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