Thursday, December 20, 2007

Microsoft: New Internet Explorer Better Than Ever, Downloading Firefox Made Easier

REDMOND, WASHINGTON - A press release from Microsoft headquarters released this morning celebrates the new features available in Microsoft's new Internet Explorer 7, designed to make the process of finding and downloading Mozilla Firefox simpler than ever.

"Our new interface and 'tab' system allows the user to locate and download the newest version of Mozilla Firefox far, far more conveniently than previous versions of Internet Explorer", Microsoft Spokesman Pauline Hardy comments in the press release dated Dec 20: "The new download manager handles the small download easily, allowing the user to begin quality browsing with Firefox sooner than ever."

The new minimalist interface and lack of visible menus makes an unambiguous, daring statement: Microsoft has taken off the kid gloves. "Microsoft is absolutely committed to our customers", says Hardy. "Security, speed and reliability are all central tenets of our corporate philosophy, and this is why the user's ability to acquire and run Firefox quickly and immediately is a top concern."

An Internet Explorer user running the browser for the first (and last) time.

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