Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Imperial March Done Metal (And Orchestral)

Everybody so inclined should check out this awesome metal version of the Imperial March, courtesy of jarrydn at Newgrounds:

Imperial March Heavy Metal

Aaaand, for completedness' sake, there's always the self-consciously corny death metal version:

A quick search on YouTube reveals other versions:

Another YouTube guitar guy plays the Imperial March

The Lego Star Wars Comedy Clip

The Beloit Janesville Symphony Awesomes Up the Concert Hall

Sequoia Blasts the Competition Near End of DJ Contest

Imperial March Through Hand Farts

No Doubt Plays the Imperial March (It picks up at the end)

But, all things said, nothing tops the holy majesty of Anchorhead's Shredisode IV (warning: some death metal vocals and roaring. It's too ridiculous to take seriously, considering that they've just taken the dialogue from the movie and sludged it up. The Luke/Obi-Wan conversation is hilarious, not to mention the canteen music redo. These guys have a healthy sense of humor.):

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