Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Ultimate Boredom-Busting Blogs

Due to my business and general state of studification for college, I'd like to post something simple which should benefit a few of you with a little too much time on your hands. (For the purpose of argument, I'm assuming that anybody reading this blog has too much free time. I dare you to prove me wrong.)

When you have a few moments between assignments or during your day, I suggest that you check out the following sites or blogs. These meet my criteria of 1)Updating frequently and 2)Being interesting. You're welcome:


The Comics Curmudgeon at www.joshreads.com

Insightful, usually-sarcastic and nearly-always hilarious commentary on the daily comics page. Exactly the sorts of things you tend to joke about with your friends.

The Dilbert Blog at dilbertblog.typepad.com

Personal blog of Scott Adams, creator of Dilbert. Sometimes juvenile, usually funny and insightful. May help revamp your thought process.

Pitchfork Music at www.pitchforkmedia.com

Reviews the albums Rolling Stone doesn't, the way they won't (in other words, no 4-star Linkin Park reviews). Occasionally-snobby prose is part of the charm.

Metacritic Music at metacritic.com/music

Indexes album reviews from all major sources and gives an aggregate score. You could waste hours up here. (They also have books, gaming and movie subsites, which aren't as comprehensive.)


Breezy, often-updated gaming blog with a focus on business news (though not so much as Penny Arcade). Enjoyable randomness.


Perhaps the king of all blogs. An absolute grab bag at the oddity of the web. (NOTE: Falsely blocked under most filters under the "nudity" category.)


XKCD - Unusually-resonant observational humor (and nerd jokes)

Dinosaur Comics - Similar to XKCD with a sillier slant (and the same art used to great effect)

Toothpaste For Dinner - Great minimalist strip. Hit-or-miss but updated daily.

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