Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Top Ten Most-Viewed Pages on Wikipedia and Conservapedia

This is absolutely priceless.

Courtesy of, the top ten pages viewed on both Wikipedia and Conservapedia. The contrast is stunning and shows a morbid fascination on the part of Conservapedia.

Top Ten Wikipedia and Conservapedia Pages

For those who don't follow these sorts of things, Conservapedia is an "alternative" to Wikipedia created by a bunch of fundamentalist Conservative loons who, quick to see bias in everything from weather reports to cereal boxes, have created their own Wiki project for the purpose of asserting a paranoid conservative perspective. They're (understandably) fraught with bias, outright lies, half-truths and "weasel words" intended to discredit all views seen as "liberal" and elevate fundamental conservative beliefs.

If you'd like some fun, try viewing the page on any Democratic official for a catalogue of all mis-statements and mistakes of their careers. Republicans are let off the hook. Another good laugh is the paranoid diatribe known as "Examples of Bias in Wikipedia".

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