Monday, November 05, 2007

Stinktier! [Skunk]. Also: new Forest For the Trees!

New Forest For the Trees (until FFTT #11) available now at Forest For the Trees.

In response to the questions, yes, I do happen to have the complete lyrics (with translation):

Ful Hausch by Rammstein

Verse 1:

Dunn licht buch kunden meiss
(Somewhere there is a house)
Ech hitt but schaudenriere
(The house is always full)
Lass mich deine eine verstreckt
(But no one ever leaves)
Dass est un Sonnenschein
(Perhaps they are dead)


(Maybe we will see them as they die)


FUL HAUSCH! (Repeated sixteen times)

Verse two is pretty much more of the same.

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