Tuesday, November 27, 2007

British Board of Film Classification Admits No Evidence Connecting Violent Games to Violent Behavior

So the BBFC has admitted that no causal link has been found tying "violent" video games (correctly phrased: video games depicting violent behavior) with "violent" behavior itself, but says that further study must be done before ruling out the possibility.

Yes, the article speaks for itself.

And I speak for myself as well; here's where I derail the topic:

Has anybody else noticed that the same conservatives who reject evidence of things like global warming and damage to ecosystems by industrialists due to politics and a lack of "conclusive" evidence have jumped on the goose chase of violent video games as a political issue? Despite the fact that their evidence is insubstantial and biased at best, especially when compared with the aforementioned environmental issues? Hmm. That's more than a double standard - it's just sad.

The evidence connecting video games legislation to violence, however, is stunning. Just look at unhinged reactionary nutball Jack Thompson. The ambulances were just a little too fast for him during his Law internship so he's forgone them for the slower-moving targets of the video game industry.

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