Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The Top Ten Secret Celebrity Scientologists (which may be related to the weirdo teenage humor magazine of the same name) has presented a list of ten celebrities who, for better or worse, have embraced the writings and theories of L.R.R. Hubbard and gone the way of Scientology. There may be the occasional joke here or there, but I've confirmed enough of these to believe the list is genuine (exempting, perhaps, Bart Simpson).

I've never been ambiguous on my opinions about Scientology, but this is neither the time nor place. I'll merely post the link for your enjoyment:

Top Ten Secret Celebrity Scientologists

"Clearly the label didn't want anybody to think that Beck, a 100-pound Fraggle who writes acoustic guitar raps about plastic eyeballs spraypainting vegetables, was weird or anything."

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