Friday, October 05, 2007

"Copyright Lawyer Tells Universities to Resist 'Copyright Bullies' "

Wendy Seltzer, visiting professor and recognized authority on intellectual property has urged colleges to resist (I prefer "not to negotiate") with MAFIAA copyright bullies and disclose personal information of students. The RIAA and MPAA do not typically file lawsuits against individual students, but give the college a sheet of I.P. addresses, demanding proprietary student information.

Since when is corporate bullying such as this condoned by the government? Doesn't this violate due process? (Answer: yes.) Doesn't this destroy Habeus Corpus? (Answer: yes.) Are RIAA lawyers held to the same standards of investigation in the courtroom?

No. As recent action against Jammie Thomas has proven, the RIAA cares less about increasing music industry and artist profits than punishing people for filesharing. Music industry executives have proven that these lawsuits are a money pit. Why do they continue? Why do they destroy their fan base and reinforce their negative public image?

I'm not sure they know anymore. As dirtbag RIAA attorney Richard Gabriel tellingly said: "This is what can happen if you don't settle."

Remind you of the big dumb kid asking you for change in third grade?

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