Tuesday, September 25, 2007

"Where's the Professional Courtesy?" - Bad Cops vs. Good Cops

BoingBoing reports that disgruntled cops have set up a website calling out "brother" cops for writing tickets to policemen. Apparently this is a violation of "professional courtesy".

In other words, law-breaking cops are bashing honest cops. Excuse me while I mutter something Yiddish and hold my forehead.

I won't link to the actual site because it's reprehensible, but you can reach it through the BoingBoing link if you would like.

A particularly funny quote from the site:
Our mission is to try and bond our community by bringing the stories of how our brothers and sisters are sometimes mistreated by other brothers and sisters.

Maybe after visiting this site and reading how much it really does affect other officers, you may think twice about giving that ticket.

It's ONLY A TICKET! We're positive that there is someone more deserving of your attention than your own brother or sister.

Policeman Giving Ticket Image from Onemansblog and no doubt many others.

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