Monday, September 24, 2007

What Qualifies as a Mental Problem?

“Well, Bob, based on your rant, I’d say you have a bad case of ripperitis. I hear they’re working on a pill that lets people like you appreciate the complexity of arguments.”

What kind of people don't have the capability to appreciate ambiguity in arguments, relate to the world solely through categorization and get angry at the slightest provocation? If you said "the average human", you are absolutely correct. But now Scott Adams has given people like me everywhere a new look on life by giving it an actual name: "Ripperitis."

The disease refers to the normal willful ignorance indigent to the human race coupled with a frequent, spontaneous sharing of such ignorance. The Internet facilitates this type of behavior to an unfortunate extreme.

If I had more faith in the human race I would say that we may someday get to the point where this will be a clinically-recognized mental illness. It's humanity's #1 problem.

For the complete argument check out the actual blog post at The Dilbert Blog.

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