Thursday, September 06, 2007

Tips For Aspiring Criminals/Authors. . .

. . . if you've committed a grisly murder, don't later write a novel about it. If by some lapse in judgment you do later write a novel about your murder, don't make it apparent by the details in the novel that you have actually committed the crime.

From the New Zealand herald: "Writer convicted of murder he described in novel"

You see, Krystian Bala had superhuman knowledge of the 2000 murder of Dariusz Janiszewski. Knowledge presumably only available to the police department and the crime's culprit.

Spraying those details out to the public in his novel "Amok" wasn't his best moment. The details in the novel provide a pretty strong case, especially considering that Bala sold the victim's mobile phone on the internet days after the disappearance.

Kind of ironic, but this sounds like a crime novel, dunnit?

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