Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Drudge Misrepresentation

Look at this article from Variety that the Drudge report dubbed "Hollywood Credits Global Warming For Boom." Italicized, of course, no doubt to show typical Conservative exasperation at the state of the world.

"Hollywood Credits Global Warming For Boom"

Then read the article. Buried fourteen items deep on a list of reasons why the box office thrived this year is the offending point: The weather. Not global warming. Just the weather. Sure, the writer added his trite little "global warming" comment into the article but the quote from Hollywood, Drudge's offending organization, goes no farther than to say "the weather is bad".

People like watching movies when the weather is bad. Defcon 4 everybody, it's another threat to democracy. Republicanism - whatever.

Drudge does this every week on his miserable radio show, but it's a shame to see this type of misrepresentation and outright sensationalizing on his otherwise-decent web site. At least in print form there's no dead air.

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